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1. [işlik]  прилагать усилия  [Umumy]  google image duwmesi webussa yaz duwmesi

Webster's English Dictionary
v. i. [OF. estriver; of Teutonic origin, and akin to G. streben, D. streven, Dan. strbe, Sw. strfva. Cf. Strife.]1. To make efforts; to use exertions; to endeavor with earnestness; to labor hard. ()
Was for this his ambition strove To equal Csar first, and after, Jove? (Cowley.)
2. To struggle in opposition; to be in contention or dispute; to contend; to contest; -- followed by against or with before the person or thing opposed; as, strive against temptation; strive for the truth. (Chaucer.)
My Spirit shall not always strive with man. (Gen. vi. 3.)
Why dost thou strive against him? (Job xxxiii. 13.)
Now private pity strove with public hate, Reason with rage, and eloquence with fate. (Denham.)
3. To vie; to compete; to be a rival. (Chaucer.)
[Not] that sweet grove Of Daphne, by Orontes and the inspired Castalian spring, might with this paradise Of Eden strive. (Milton.)
n. 1. An effort; a striving. (Chapman.)
2. Strife; contention. (Wyclif (luke xxi. 9).)

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