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1. [işlik]  garaşmak  [Umumy]  google image duwmesi

Webster's English Dictionary
v. t. [OF. awaitier, agaitier; (L. ad) + waitier, gaitier to watch, F. guetter. See Wait.]1. To watch for; to look out for. ()
2. To wait on, serve, or attend. ()
3. To wait for; to stay for; to expect. See Expect. ()
Betwixt these rocky pillars Gabriel sat, Chief of the angelic guards, awaiting night. (Milton.)
4. To be in store for; to be ready or in waiting for; as, a glorious reward awaits the good. ()
O Eve, some farther change awaits us night. (Milton.)
v. i. 1. To watch. (Chaucer.)
2. To wait (on or upon). ()
3. To wait; to stay in waiting. (Darwin.)
n. A waiting for; ambush; watch; watching; heed. (Chaucer.)