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1. [söz]  aýrylyşma  [Umumy]  google image duwmesi
2. [işlik]  aýrylyşmak  [Umumy]  google image duwmesi

Webster's English Dictionary
n. [F. divorce, L. divortium, fr. divortere, divertere, to turn different ways, to separate. See Divert.]1. (Law) A legal dissolution of the marriage contract by a court or other body having competent authority. This is properly a divorce, and called, technically, divorce a vinculo matrimonii. ()
2. The decree or writing by which marriage is dissolved. ()
3. Separation; disunion of things closely united. ()
To make divorce of their incorporate league. (Shak.)
4. That which separates. (Shak.)
Bill of divorce. See under Bill. ()
v. t. [Cf. F. divorcer. See Divorce, n.]1. To dissolve the marriage contract of, either wholly or partially; to separate by divorce. ()
2. To separate or disunite; to sunder. ()
It [a word] was divorced from its old sense. (Earle.)
3. To make away; to put away. ()
Nothing but death Shall e'er divorce my dignities. (Shak.)